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The CGT Difference
Each and every guitar I build is hand crafted by me in my shop here in South Florida. I use only FSC Certified Tonewoods from certified suppliers in the construction of my guitars or "Smartwood". Smartwood is either reclaimed lumber or sustainable or rapid growth material. One of my favorite smartwoods to use is Poplar. Poplar works great as an alternative to Alder and Swamp Ash tonewoods who's availability is diminishing and price is on the rise. Poplar just doesn't look that great with a transparent finish.

The CGT Challenge
I challenge you to contact one of the other custom shops and get a quote for your special project. Firstly, the price will most likely require you to take out a small mortgage to complete your purchase. Next, you will most likely pay for your Axe 100% up front and have to wait up to 10 weeks for your Dream Guitar, if not longer (6 - 8 months - Yikes). From the moment you make the deposit on your custom guitar, I begin to work on your special project. As long as the materials you are requesting are available from my vast source of FSC suppliers, you'll be enjoying your one of a kind custom guitar in around 4 - 6 weeks. Special circumstances can arise that could delay this process but the occurrences are minimal. I've only delayed the delivery of one Axe in the more than 25 Years of doing this.

The CGT Promise
I know you have 1,000's of companies to choose from when it comes to your Custom Guitar Project. I also know that I must do everything I can to make your experience as painless and enjoyable as possible. Some of the hassle I can eliminate as others I have no control over. But here is my promise to you. - Your project will be treated like it is a signature model, YOUR Signature Model.

I provide every guitar I build with a Certificate of Authenticity providing certification as to the design, materials used and the Limited Edition or One of A Kind Status. Also, every guitar I build comes with a limited lifetime guarantee. Look, My name is on every one of my Custom Creations. I'll stand behind each and every one of them. This is my promise to you.

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